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A manicure lover dreams of their fashion statement

Nail Affair - Nail salon 32174 - Pedicure near me Ormond Beach, FL: Daily carelessness sometimes causes painful chipped nails. Come to Nail Affair, we will refresh your stressful hand and foot with rejuvenating mani & pedi!

Nail Affair
Address: 120 North Nova Road, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, United States

French Manicures: Hot or Not?

Before all else, a manicure lover dreams of their fashion statement. Is yours the French manicure? Depending on who you ask, this pale pink polish with a white tip is either classic or old-fashioned. If you love the look, you'll be happy to know that it makes nails look longer. And pale shades are just right for serious moments, like a job interview.

Gel and Shellac Can Take a Beating

Maybe your crazy hobbies wreck your nails. A gel or shellac manicure may give you two to three weeks of shiny, chip-free nails. Both types require several layers of polish that need curing under a special lamp. And you probably need to pay a pro to remove these tough polishes. But fuss-free nails may be worth the price.

Do a Skin Check for Sizzling Color

Will cherry red polish make you look vampire-pale or sizzling hot? The answer is in your skin tone. For skin with blue undertones, choose pinkish nudes, deep violet, fuchsia, or that cherry red. For olive or yellow undertones, pick beige or white nudes, chocolates, and corals. Test new shades on a piece of clear tape stuck to a nail.

Let Nail Shape Flatter Your Hand

Should your nails be short and square or long and pointy? You can play it safe with an oval shape, which flatters most hands. If you want to soften your look, try a round shape. Square nails look best on long fingers. A "squoval" looks like a square, but has rounded corners. A point is more daring and makes your fingers seem longer.


As in 2021 fashionistas prefer naturalness, tenderness and practicality. Let check out The Pros of a Gel Manicure !