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Basic Manicure $25 +

Relax and rejuvenate with our professional manicure that includes:

- Nails trimming & shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing

- Hand Massage

- Your Choice off regular polish

Deluxe Manicure $30 +

Nail trimming & shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, sugar scrub exfoliation, lotion massage, hot towel wrap & regular polish

Gel Manicure $32 +

Gel polish causes no nail damage after removal, gives healthy nail, high gloss shine, and lasts up to 2 weeks or more. Your beautiful, glossy nail are completely dry or smudge-free before you leave the salon. We have a huge selection of colors to choose from. The package includes: 

- Basic Manicure

- Your choice of gel color

Organic Volcano Manicure $38 +

This manicure is formulated with the most soothing and effective ingredients extracted from nature in order to soothe and replenish your skin, leaving it smooth and revitalized. The package includes:

- Mud masque - Cleanes pores

- Hot towel wrap - activated your skin

- Massage lotion - hydrates & soothe the skin

- Your choice of regular polish



Pedicure & Manicure Combo Basic $50 +
Basic Pedicure $30 +

Treat yourself to our basic professional nail treatment for a clean and classy look. The package includes:
- Nail trimming & shaping cuticle grooming, buffing
- Cooling gel scrub and gentle callus reduction
- Hot towel wrap
- Lotion massage
- Your choice of regular polish

Deluxe VOESH Pedicure $50 +

Charcoal Powder Detox | Jasmine Soothe | Lavender

Lemon | Vitamin Change | Coco Colada

Green Tea | Cucumber | Olive

Mango | Watermelon

Refresh & cool with this single-use 4-step pedi to treat your feet with luxury & enjoy deluxe. This treatment is ideal for tired, stressed, and dry feet, nourishing and promoting soft skin for a youthful and radiant glow. The package included:

- Salt soak to detoxify & deodorize the feet

- Sugar scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin

- Mud masque to clean pores for smoother skin

- Massage butter to hydrate and soothe skin

Deluxe Milk & Honey Signature Pedicure $55 +

Soothing and moisturizing, milk proteins soften and condition while honey, a natural humectant, hydrates and nourishes your skin. This Milk & Honey Aromatherapy Spa Treatment features a soothing soak, exfoliating natural sea salt, refreshing spa elixir, regenerating deep dermal transforming wrap, and hydrating body butter that combine to turn the ordinary professional manicure and pedicure into an extraordinary spa experience.

Deluxe Organic Volcano Pedicure $80 +

Volcano Spa is a new, unique Bubbling/Fizzing organic 5-step luxury pedicure treatment with exfoliating and moisturizing benefits. It helps to relax, detox, and rejuvenate. The detox Volcano Crystal and Activator combine to create an invigorating experience with a fun bubbling explosion!
Complete the pedicure treatment with an exfoliating sugar scrub, hot stone and paraffin wax, collagen organic cream mask, collagen organic massage lotion, and warm towel massage.
The scent of your choice: Romance, Tropical Citrus, Honey Pearl, No.5, Green Tea, Alove Vera, Lavender Eruption.

Deluxe Hot Stone Pedicure $65 +

Hot Stone Massage is good for relieving muscle spasm, pain, tension & improving muscle relaxation. The heat from the stones leads to deep relaxation and to warming up of the tight muscles enabling the therapist to work more deeply and quickly. Hot Stone Pedicure starts with toenail shaping, a clean cuticle, buff nails, feet scrub, massage with lotion, and finishes with your choice of regular polish.

Deluxe Pomegranate Signature Pedicure $60 +

Pedicure Scentual salt soaks ease into a stress-free experience. This pedicure soak soothes, revitalizes, and leaves the skin fresh & clean. Pomegranate has natural antioxidant properties and fig provides moisture, vitamin C, and refreshes the skin. The Pomegranate & Fig Pedicure Scentual Salt Soak is most effective when used with the rest of the Pomegranate & Fig line. 

Deluxe Organic Hawaii Citrus Pedicure $85 +

This pedicure helps to relax, improve circulation, detoxify, and soothe your skin. Each 9-in-1 Hawaii Citrus spa kit comes with a cuticle softener to help push back the cuticle for an easy trim. Sea salt scrub is an oil-free scrub. Compared to other oily scrubs will cover pores and leave impurities behind. Double the collagen treatments with a collagen mask, collagen cream, and hot stone to rejuvenate the skin by deeply moisturizing and boosting collagen production for a more youthful, radiant, and healthier look. Sanitation is the most important aspect of all pedicure services. This Pedi Kit comes with disposable pumice, file, butter, and toe separators so clients can have a Safe Pedicure Experience.

Hands/Toes Polish $19 / $19
Gel Color Change Hands/Toes $20 / Take Off $25
French Add On $5
Nail Enhancements

Nail Enhancements

Extra charge for extended length and shape. Add Gel Color on Nails: $15+
Acrylic Full Set/Overlay $33 +
Acrylic Fill-in/Overlay $25 +
Pink & White Gel Full Set $55 +
Fill in Pink Only $30 +
Fill Pink & White $45 +
Ombre Powder Full Set $60 +
Ombre Powder Fill In $50 +
Glow-in-The-Dark Full Set $45 +
Glow-in-The-Dark Fill In $30 +
Color Powder Full Set $45 +
Color Powder Full In $30 +
White Tip Full Set $38 +
White Tip Fill In $25 +
Liquid Gel (Hard Gel) Full Set $50 +
Liquid Gel (Hard Gel) Fill In $35 +
Liquid Gel (Hard Gel) Pink & White Full Set $65 +
Liquid Gel (Hard Gel) Pink & White Fill In $50 +
Sculptured Nails Full Set $60 +
Sculptured Nails Fill In $45 +
Full Set Feet $50 +
Refill $30 +
Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder

Dip Powder is a nail dipping system that uses a brush-on gel base on the nail, which is than dipped in a powder. The powder comes in natural pink and white for a French manicure look, as well as a range of colors.
Dip Powder Manicure $55 +
Dip Powder Only $40 +
Dip Pink & White $50 +
Powder Repair $5 +
Dip Ombre $60 +
Additional Services

Additional Services

Shine Buff $5 +
Hot Stone $8 +
Paraffin $8 +
Gel Color Add On $15 +
Cat Eye $5 +
Chrome, Holographic $13 +
Nail Removal $10 +
Nail Repair $5 +
Nail Art $5 +
Nail Shape $5 +
Gel Color French Add On $20 +


Strip $30 +
Double Individual $45 +
Single Individual $125 +
Princess/Prince Services

Princess/Prince Services

8 Years Old & Under.
Princess/Prince Manicure $20 +
Princess/Prince Pedicure $25 +
Pedicure & Manicure Classic $40 +
Polish Change Hands/Toes $13 / $13 +
French Add On $5 +
Gel Color Add On $13 +


Eyebrows $13 +
Lip $10 +
Chin $12 +
Full Face $45 +
Chest $50 +
Back $60 +
Half Legs $30 +
Full Legs $55 +
Half Arms $30 +
Full Arms $50 +
Eyebrow Tinting $25 +


AgeLOC Moisturizing Refreshing Mask $40 +

Treat yourself a refreshing mask that will clean, exfoliate, and moisturize your face, leaving a smooth and rejuvenated look

AgeLOC Refreshing Mask for Oily Skin $40 +

Treat yourself a refreshing mask that will deep cleanse and remove excessive oil on your skin. Leaving your skin a clean and balanced structure and a healthy skin surface.

AgeLOC Face Lift $50 +

Exfoliate dead skin, lift and tighten the face for a firmer, more youthful appearance with face lift and ageloc cleanse & tone.

AgeLOC Anti Aging Facial $70 +

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore skin to a more youthful look; stimulates skin for improves appearance. Provides facial toning, improving facial contour and making the skin look more voluminous.

- Features microcurrent technology.

- Clean & reduces pores.

Add-on: AgeLOC Essence Ultra Massage $5 +

Nuskin's firming specialist formulated with the power of Ethocyn now also employs our revolutionary anti-aging science, targeting the sources of aging that can lead to the loss of firmness.



Menu Drink Free Service

- Waters

- Soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Coca-Cola...)

- Wines

- Red Wine

- White Wine

- Champagne

- Hot Coffee

- Tea

- Lollipop Candy

- Candy

- Donuts, Cake

- Sparkling Juice Cocktail


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