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What Does A Pedicure Feel Like?

Nail Affair - Nail salon 32174 - Ormond Beach, FL: When you’ve never had a pedicure before, it’s easy to imagine a host of different tactile experiences. Especially because some people describe the foot treatment as relaxing, while others say it feels weird and even ticklish. Each person responds to pedicures in a different way, but here’s the typical rollercoaster most people experience during a classic pedicure.

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Warm and Welcome:
Most salon professionals will greet you with a smile, ask you to choose a toenail polish color (if toenail painting is desired), escort you to your chair and offer you something to drink. This is the start of feeling pampered.

Soothed With Possible Goosebumps:
Once your feet are dipped into the warm water bath (the first step to any pedicure), you’ll most likely feel super relaxed and tingly all over. All of your stress and worries will probably flow out of your feet, leaving you almost sleepy.

Alert And Tickle Tortured:
Let’s face it — no matter how cool you are with people touching your feet, having dead skin and calluses scrubbed off with a pumice stone or foot file is going to be slightly ticklish. It feels good, of course. But that hint of ticklishness is always there.

Unsure And Hesitant:
When the pedicurist starts clipping away at your toenails and filing them into perfection, you might feel the urge to pull your foot back. But rest assured that whoever is responsible for your tootsies is a skilled professional who does this kind of hacking every day. Try to keep in mind that the finished result will be completely worth the odd discomfort now.

Blissfully Relaxed:
The foot and leg massage that comes along with the pedicure moisturizing step is to die for. THIS is why people put themselves through the earlier “torture” of callus removal and nail trimming.

Insanely Impressed:
Whether you’re done with your treatment or you decide to move on to toenail polishing, this is when you look down at your feet and feel like pedicures are completely worth it. Your feet are smooth, soft, clean, and feel better than they ever have.


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